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And on a different note, I get the impression that you are using an effect chain for stereo to B-format encoding that looks like:

stereo sound file => UM266 upmix to 5.1 => 5_0 encoder => B-format

I guess that when doing so you have not been satisfied with the results you get by just using

stereo sound file => stereo encoder => B-format

Did you try the SuperStereo encoder? This encoder in my opinion gives a result that sounds much more natural and realistic, sounding like a scene unfolding in front of you rather than as two sound sources coning from left and right:

stereo sound file => SuperStereo encoder => Bformat

Eventually you van afterwards use the FocusPressPushZoom plugin to shape how wide the reslting scene should be, or the RotateTiltTumble for rotating it toward the left, right or back:

stereo sound file => SuperStereo encoder => Bformat => FocusPressPushZoom transform => RotateTiltTumble transform

Might be worth trying out!
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