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Originally Posted by Jason Brian Merrill View Post
ok, it got shitty again on a long project. Could there be a memory leak as project time increases? I noticed GUI slowdowns,etc until I terminated the script.
I don't really want to spend time on 0.5 version anymore, sorry, i use version 0.6, it has options to show sends/receives/hwout, multiple tracksend creation, send/receive presets, multi-bypass for sends and other stuff and at the same time it's a little bit better optimized than 0.5, especially for big projects, but it will be available after SWS update, sorry.

If you talk about GUI slowdown of a script itself, than it can look a bit slower, because i tried to optimize it more , difference is almost not noticable and it doesn't reflect on cpu usage in a bad way, and there should be no memory leak, because Lua cleans everything after itself, i had no problems with it.. but i'll look, there are some things, which can be done, if there are some memory leaks.
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