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Originally Posted by doppelganger View Post
probably not. As you can see Jason Brian Merrill reports that, he has performance issues, also there are some limitations, like: no way to open single send window for particular send/receive, only general io window for track, some REAPER's functions do not work well, i made bug report here: and so on... It works ok for me, but it's not good enough for public release. Maybe someday, if it will still be relevant at that moment.
I'm using ver 0.5 from the day you released without any problems. I'm also working with big projects everyday.I never had such problems.Only thing I'm missing is "sends" .I would like to ask if you can share with me if you won't make the new version public. I'm ready to donate your work also. this is my mail adresss if you would like to share with me.
I can be also a beta tester for you.

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