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Default Last Touched Automation

Hi. Having trouble with the Last Touched feature with automation. Sometimes it doesn't show a new lane. Of course, it defaults to show but the lane didn't appear at least once. Also, with Meldaproduction, the automation lanes don't control the plugin. Further, the value indicator on the track doesn't change. This last issue is my main one and has persisted over at least two projects. Might be my template - going to try and refresh it probably today.

EDIT: It's not just Melda. The non-appearing lane happened with Sonimus Satson. Restarting reaper reenables the functionality.

EDIT 2: Pardon me - in my haste I neglected to follow best practices for reporting issues.

RME Babyface Pro FS Driver 1.20, HW Revision 127
3rd Party VSTs; specifically with Meldaproduction and Sonimus but also reaper itself with looping during playback (as mentioned in my other post).

The best way I can describe it is to set up a mix, start doing automation with 3rd party VSTs using the Last Touched automation feature. Try to create time-selection automation shelves (with whatever keyboard command modifiers you use) and look at the parameter display in the automation lane's bottom right hand corner in the TCP. Place the edit cursor over the automation shelf you're using so that the numerical display reflects your changes. In this case, nothing changes: not the VST GUI, not the numbers - nothing. Restarting reaper reenables it but only for awhile.

I wish I could be more specific. Once the automation lane reflects the parameter changes, the VST also responds. Using VST3 in most cases.

EDIT3: May have been caused by a buggy VST (non-Melda). Will update if the issue returns.

EDIT4: Still happening with at least one plugin: MUtility from Melda (vst3). Neither reaper nor the plugin respond to the changed curve. Eventually they do but it takes about 10 seconds. Buffer is 128 so I don't think that's it. Happening with regular automation nodes and not just shelves. Also, it's not my template.

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