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Originally Posted by Ansio View Post
1. Insert a VSTi, like Diva by u-he
2. Insert a midi item and a long note, leaving some space before the note
3. Play
4. When the note is playing, click the midi editor slightly before the note on the same pitch (triggers a preview and seeks playback).

Note preview and seeking when clicking empty track should be on for this to cause problems.

This doesn't cause a stuck note with all synths, seems like some automatically stop the first note if another of the same pitch is triggered.

I get this in the midi monitor:

EDIT: Reaper 6.38, WIN 10
You can (probably) solve this by adding a ReaControlMDI plugin to your FX chain. I believe that the devs are aware that there's a problem with note-offs and seek (I've mentioned it once or twice), but AFAIK it's not been acknowledged, and it definitely hasn't been fixed.
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