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Originally Posted by Tod View Post
Another good one Karbo. I also liked the video FX for the lack of better words for it. And yeah, the shades are cool, you just need a little more of the wife.

I'm kind of with Jeff on the vocal not being loud enough, but I don't think that's exactly what it is.

This is just a thought on what it could be. The guitar is truly out there and in your face. I still hear a lot of compression, although the compression don't really bother me that much. What might be happening is that as the broad full sound of the guitar is getting compressed, the vocal which is not near as full and present, is sort of getting lost because it don't have as the broad fullness to get compressed.

I'm not sure what the answer is, because the vocal will naturally be much narrower then the guitar.

Are you using a compressor or a limiter, or maybe both?
Hi Tod,

It's compressed but should be far less than the previous one and is more parallel compression which it wasn't before. I just listened again and the vocal doesn't sound lost to me per se.

Many thanks for alerting me to what you guys are hearing, just not sure I know what it is yet. I did put on new strings which I didn't care for that much, the other strings were a few years old and these new ones have harmonics that are more and louder almost to the point of sounding mushy compared to the older strings.

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