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I would prioritize gsmartcontrol as it will provide essential information on drives health. It's not complicated at all.

You can get the application here:

For a portable installation, just download the zipped package for Windows.

Then open gsmartcontrol, double-click on a drive, maximize the pop-up window and take 3 screenshots of these tabs: Attributes, Error Log and Self-test Logs. If there are no recent self-tests registered on a particular drive, you can take the screenshot after you run a short self-test, as soon as it completes. Do this for each of your drives. That's it.

Next would be a CPU/RAM stress test.
Get Prime95 here:

Get HWmonitor here (haven't used this tool much but it seems to do the job):
(get the zip file if you want it portable)

Launch HWmonitor and note the temperatures when the CPU is idle. Mainly what's interesting is CPU, RAM and GPU temperatures. Unless you notice anything else that is getting too high (i.e. 80C or more).
Then run Prime95 (haven't used this tool for a while so I can't comment on how to set it up, but I think you can just click through it). Launch a multicore test and watch the temperatures skyrocket. If cooling conditions are really bad (and your CPU doesn't throttle), then computer might abruptly shut down. So it's best to have as few applications open as possible and to not perform anything with the disk. Normally, temperatures will continue to rise for a while and then stabilize. At this point note the values. If after about 5 minutes you saw no crash, note the values and quit the test. Best to not run it for ages because heat is dangerous to electronics.

Next would be GPU test:
After you unzip the file, open the "gputestgui" or whatever it is called. Just run a couple of tests and while they are running, take notice of peak temperatures with hwmonitor.

Basically our purpose is to determine whether any of these tests make your computer crash as well as get an idea of the thermal situation.

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