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Right-click the MIDI output port to the Novation in Preferences->MIDI Devices, there is a "Offset output to this device by..." function to fine-tune sync. You need to determine how much the audio from the synth is "late" or "early" first, then enter a corresponding correction value there, whereas the max. amount of negative delay (which is needed if MIDI is early) is limited by your block size (more buffer=more wiggle room).

IOW if you set your audio buffers too low you may not be able to correct the device sufficiently in the negative range (for example, my MOX synth needs -24ms, which requires buffers <1024 samples). The resulting high latency is a problem of course if you want to track more stuff with live monitoring, so you'd need to increase buffers (so the output is in sync), record the synth's output to an audio track, then put the buffers back to the old value.

This may or may not work for you tho, the problem is pretty complex. See this thread:
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