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@OP Instead of going through all this trouble, you can just use

ambifreeverb2 for 1oa, and

FdnReverb & from the IEM suite for 7oA (works with surround & ambisonics)

This is all documented here:


Originally Posted by endorka View Post
I've been really wanting to get into surround mixes for some time but put it off as you have to do separate 5.1 and stereo mixes, the risk being that 5.1 mixes become an expensive / addictive / obsessive diversion with a niche audience. When you mentioned the ability to downmix to these from a single ambisonic mix, it changed everything :-)

You should NEVER have to do separate 5.1 and stereo mixes, UNLESS:
- you're doing dodgy things in 5.1 which won't translate well to stereo (like delays).
- You don't have a 5.1>2 downmixer. I have all the downmixers you want here if you don't mind lack of DPL2.

I've written a guide to mixing in surround here

You could ALREADY downmix 2ch from 5.1. When you work in ambisonics, targeting 5.1 & 2ch, your mixes WILL sound worse, especially on your first few projects. In fact, when you generate stereo mixes from ambisonics, it guarantees you it will sound more same as surround, you will have less control and may sound worse than if you'd made a 5.1 initially, dependant on decoder.

Ambisonics is not detriment-free. When mixing for 5.1:
*Surrounds are overloaded with ITU 5.1 decoding
*You can never have a truly discrete center with 3oa since the resolution is 45*, but 5.1 ITU LCR is 30*
*A few other ones in

Ambisonics gives you blank 3D canvas that you THINK you can place sounds anywhere, and will fold down to any speakers. You can place sounds anywhere, but we neither have speakers, nor ears everywhere. Ambisonics BLINDS you from real world human & speaker effects. Read these:

It quotes:
"Instruments panned partway between front and surround channels ... are subject to image instability and sounding split in two spectrally, so this is not generally a good position to use for primary sources."
This applies to ambisonics too.

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