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I own a Dell laptop, myself, against my normally better judgement (I heavily prefer ASUS laptops, or even Samsung). I bought it I think 3 years ago, so it's not at all top of the line now. One important note: remove all the Dell bloat when you can. The only thing I left on there was their update utility, as I think it's good to have that for pushing out firmware/driver updates. Once the bloats gone, the latop runs a lot better. Before doing that, my Samsung with an older i3 was outperforming the Dell's i7. This laptop wasn't cheap either.

As mentioned, I typically don't buy Dell, but I can say I heavily prefer Dell to the other common big box store brands like HP, however. I am probably not buying another Dell again though. But don't let my dislike for Dell sway you. The laptop you are considering is significantly better than mine.

I see the laptop comes with an M.2/NVMe drive. I'm a huge fan of those. I don't know which one it comes with, but I'm sure you'll be fairly happy with your drive performance.

Another note, I didn't even know 11th gen Intels were out already (actually, looks like early 2021), so that's great this comes with one. However, I'm unfamiliar with a lot of the mobile CPUs, so I defer to benchmarking sites for that, and when I look this up it benches fairly low for an i7 (cpu mark of 10,968 - higher is better). Closer to a 9th gen i5. Not a deal breaker, but just saying don't expect top end i7 performance. It actually benches reasonably higher than your desktop's i7-7700 (8,642) and even the higher end version, the i7-7700K (9,726). This is still a good benchmark, just realize it's not close to on par with a newer desktop i7.

Benchmarks don't tell the whole story, of course, but I still like to use that as a quick guide when judging a CPU. So bottom line is if you like your desktop performance, chances are the laptop will be as good or better.
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