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Originally Posted by Nonlinear View Post
Thank you for the reply. What I'm trying to understand is how you determine a starting point for something like a delay line or FIR filter. You can't simply initialize the whole array to zeros and expect it to work the instant it receives sound. It needs some "lead in/settling time".

How do you address that type of thing using static initialization values?
Sorry, I don't really understand what you are asking. It's obviously up to you to know how the algorithms you are using work, so there's no generic answer for "what should the initial values be". (Which you would set up in the IPlugBase's Reset method.)

Plugins have no concept of "lead in/settle in time". You just get audio buffers of some size from the host and you process buffers of exactly that size in the plugin. It doesn't matter if the processing is realtime or offline.
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