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Originally Posted by timbralzoom View Post
sometimes i get this jumpy behavior too..
in my case:
for example if there is a Strip (+probably Snapshots too) already loaded,
when i add extra parameters in same page
some parameters jumps to "zero" when tweaking by mouse or mouse wheel
even some of them doesn't properly load the value from Snapshots..

i can't describe the exact reproduce for now ..will do if i can catch!


still testing via switching between 068/069 .. so far nothing i can report!!

but i have a Q
why you hate the left-handed people
just discovered & i am crying right now for "Dock To Left Edge"

UGGLT (719 controls)

testing in both versions (068,069) while Auto Monitor Value On and OFF
to me it seems nothing different..
you might notice some glitch while i was messing with controls/opening closing Stripper/menus etc.
i believe its because of Capturing process .. tried before and after capturing there wasn't any glitch at all.

short: so far all seemed OK to me! (except dock to left )

TJA! you made me smile here
also seems your mouse wheel thingy totally different than what i was tried to describe above..
first time i saw mouse wheel controlling two controls at same time.


i think mouse wheel thingy at above its just a graphic refresh issue
here is what i found:


i switched back to 068 .. refresh issue was same..
then back to 066 .. there was no refresh issue..

i hope make sense.
Thanks for the detailed testing. I think you're right on the graphics refresh issue - so want to fix that. I broke something since 0066 - so will look into when I get some time.

Doing a lot of recording today - so might have to be later on.
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