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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
You can try, though I'm not familiar with the details of xubuntu and what the winehq one does (maybe be careful about your package manager). FWIW, wine explorer works fine on my system.
Thanks for the input. I may leave it as is, because I've got a lot of Windows plugins working just fine. It was a sampler that I installed that first alerted me to the "File|Open" problem.

Interesting thing is, if the software doesn't use native Windows file browsing, then it will work. The 16-channel soundfont player VSTi "Phenome" lets me navigate to files, but uses it's own file browsing. Same thing with a programming editor I use and a visual programming language for Windows. It's only when calls are made through the native Windows .dll that does file browsing, and those will vaporize the program or plugin instantly.
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