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Originally Posted by Rusty Falcon View Post
OK so I have a set of actions I execute pretty regularly when prepping a mix. I normally do these by selecting a set of items to change, then using the Item Properties window:
- change item length to a value (0:0.045 normally, sometimes 0:0.040)
- change fade-in type to Type 5(the really steep up ramp)
- change fade-out type to Type 5 (the really steep down ramp)
- change fade-out length to a value, usually 0:0.020
- change fade-in length to 0:0.001

As you can guess, this gets annoyingly repetitive.

Do you think there is a way to create a custom action or script to execute all of these on the selected set of items ?

Total script newb so I have no idea where to start or even where to put a script to execute in Reaper!

I believe you can do most of what you need by creating a Custom Action. If you want total automation, ie, no user input at all you can edit the original actions and hard code the values in it.

I suggested you have a look at "X-Raym_Set selected items fade-in fade-out length.lua"

Then after you hard code your values in it you can create a Custom Action that plays your edited version of the above script followed by "Item: Set fade-in shape to type 5"

Hope it helps.
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