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Default Parameter modulation/MIDI link options for Input FX

REAPER has plenty of options of parameter modulation/MIDI link for FX. I would like to request for the same options to be available for Input FX, which currently has MIDI/OSC learn only.

Some background info:

I often record incoming audio processed via plugins with some of the parameters being controlled in realtime. In order to use the parameter modulation/MIDI link options, I use a normal FX chain instead of Input FX and record the output of the track. I also put the track in another folder track to separate it from the plugins that I donít want to print, so I can tweak them later.

The workaround above works, but it increases the track count. and I really wish there were those options available for Input FX in the first place, which will simplify the project and would give Input FX its full potential.

I also tried ReaLearn to achieve the same thing, but stopped using it after several crashes seemingly caused by the plugin.

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