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I could see the first example I posted as being a legit possibility, but the second example is based on my distrust of Microsoft.

For example, two nights ago I decided to do some astro-photography out in my backyard, and upon plugging my Canon EOS into my Windows 8.1 laptop (one of the two remaining Windows machines in my house), I am alerted that Windows can't automatically install the driver.

The freeking camera had been previously setup, but since then I had disabled automatic installation of drivers because Microsoft keeps hosing my WiFi by installing a bad Broadcom driver. Anyway, I had my telescope setup and ready to capture some images so I clicked the panel asking me to allow that again. I did, it finally worked, I got some great shots and then last night my WiFi went wonky on the laptop again. Freeking Broadcom driver was installed again! GRRRRRR!!!

The telescope with Canon camera attached.

And some captures of the moon, the M110 galaxy, and the Double Cluster.

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