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Originally Posted by SmajjL View Post
Nice!! looks like you rrrreeealy! want to get far-far away from Microsoft
Just an hour ago I saw someone's eye here as an avatar and thought about the crab nebula.
I've seen the avatar you mention and wondered if that is his eye, and if so how much security risk he's opened up posting it.

I've experienced that Windows can install a new connected device before me, but after I install the proper one and Windows should decide to re-install something else over it, never happened for me, that would be something to make a song about in that case LoL…

So if I pull the internet plug and install my stuff, all goody, then connect internet, this can happen? oooooook… ? hmm
This is, Microsoft assumes they always know better than me, and I take that as an insult. They tried ramming Windows 10 down my throat on more than 15 machines I administered, and every time I'd do something to prevent the automatic installation of an OS I didn't want, they'd circumvent my method of blocking it, and try again to the point of becoming a malware attack.

My WiFi driver issue had been resolved by disabling automatic installation of drivers and me manually rolling back the original Microsoft driver. The Broadcom driver works initially, but then fails and at that point won't re-connect to the router until the router has been rebooted. Never ever happens with the Microsoft driver, but Windows 8 will install the bad Broadcom driver the moment I allow Windows to install drivers for me, since Microsoft thinks they know better than me what works on my hardware.
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