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Originally Posted by xpander View Post
Yep, that would be a reasonable approach. You can indeed make or copy layouts and images too, and add them to the v6 default. Here's an example v6 theme White Tie did with some extra v5 MCP strips; White Tie's Default V6 Modders' Supplies

Yes I'm already using theese MCP layouts from WT's theme but unfortunately I dont know how to do this hack with other layouts (like what exactly do i have to copy to get a standard v5 tcp layout in v6).

Originally Posted by Odys View Post
I don't think its possible in 6th theme in non hacky way anyway.
Reaper has folder indentation method tcp_folderindent that puts overlapping images that give this 5th theme folder transition look. As 6th theme has variable indentation amount it doesn't use it, I guess for image scaling issues. Instead it uses hacky code way that cannot use additional images where it wants.

The way I did it is by using Auto Color/Layout script that changes layout for folder tracks to ones that have cutouts in bg images.

That would be the final step indeed.
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