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This song has a lot of potential. The main thing holding it back is uncertain pitch in the vocal melody. I start to get into where it is going, and then its as if you can't decide between two notes so you split the difference and you lose me. The vocal quality is otherwise fine, and what parts of the melody I do grasp seem quite good. But there are places where I think that you have not really figured out the melody you intend to sing, and this is where you drift off pitch.

Having struggled with tunes where I found myself in this situation, I do have some suggestions: Use a pitch correction tool to help you see where you are drifting off pitch, and more importantly to help nail down exactly what you want for the melody to be. Make the pitch corrections needed to get the melody the way you want it to be. Now sing with your corrected vocal repeatedly until you get the melody firmly in your mind. Then re-record the vocal. I would bet money that your pitch control will be greatly improved and the melody will come through much more strongly. But if pitch is still an issue, you could double track over the pitch corrected version, and that might sound cool.

To be honest, I usually click past songs of this genre, but what you are doing grabbed my interest. There is something here that is worth more work and perfection. Keep pushing.
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