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First, and most importantly, you have a SONG to work with, so you're 80% of the way there! Critique, not criticism:

1) Bass Guitar: I seriously dig that tone in this song!! Don't change a thing. Drumss are AC-DC basic, but they seem to fit okay.
2) Guitar 1 (stabs, 1, 2-and beats) While the tone is kinda generic, it fits the part. I'd be okay with it for now, perhaps take a bit of top-end off, up in the 5k-6k range. Gently, just to make it a "dark" tone, not dull.
3) Guitar 2: I would separate out the parts a little bit more, scoop it and push the highs. Structurally, I would look for anywhere you can do counter-rhythm to accent. Narrow the panning between the guitars and force the tones and parts to separate them. Makes the combination more massive that way. Also, re-structure in a higher register, inversions, up the neck.
4) vocals: The low stuff in the first verse is cool. Maybe make the guitars more sparse for the first half, then bring in the 8th note pump for the second. The higher-register stuff sounds very strained. Maybe pitch the whole thing down a half-step, at least to record? Tspring's vocal comments are on-point. There are pitch issues. I would also loosen up the vocal timing, start "swinging" the beat a bit. It's just a bit too lock-step against the relentless 8th note groove. Think dotted notes, anticipations, suspensions.
5) The bass gets too simplistic in the B-section, before the solo. Keep the same feel as the verse, if you can.
6) guitar solo is buried, could use some polish on technique and note choice.
7) Back vox, around 3:00, too buried, too processed, they lose the impact.
8) Ambience trail on the final snare hit is chopped off in the mastering.

Overall, I would try to get some space in the verse sections, make the second guitar part an actual independent part, and really concentrate on the vocal execution and the solos. This is a great start, though!
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