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Originally Posted by Dethska
So I was messing around with audio settings trying to get my RME Digiface and NVIDIA onboard sound cards to work. I had it set to ASIO drivers. I hit some button that scanned all my DirectX effects.

Then I hit something and the program crashed. Now I can't ever open Reaper. I tried uninstalling and deleting the whole folder and I checked the registry and it looked clean. I tried reinstalling 1.08 and 1.10 with no luck. EVERY time I boot up it gives me the Windows "Sorry but this program has to be closed" error.
I had a very similar experience last month when I had to rebuild my machine. It turned out to be a conflict between the Nvidia Mixer, that was controlling the onboard soundcard, and my M-Audio ASIO Drivers. I fixed it by disabling the Nvidia Mixer.


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