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Originally Posted by synth
Now I need speech synthesizers: one that produces sound like the old commodore64/Atari computerized digital speech,and one that sounds very realistic.
The FLStudio speech synth is not very good for this and sounds very "fruity" ,but the male voice in the Opera web browser based on the IBM engine sounds (phrases) very realistic for a synthesized thing.
The biggest problem of the FLStudio speech synth is making it
speak languages other than english,like German,Russian,Japanese,etc. that rely on using pure vowels and hard consonants.Too hard to make the Fruity speech synth do this. For example,I can't make it "speak" the German word "Kanalisation" correctly.
"Kawnawleesawtseeon" sounds too weird to be useful.
Also,a good free vocoder can help with this kind of stuff.The Fruity one is not useful for making that vintage 80's "computerized/robotic" voice,like Kraftwerk's or that used in early 90's "Electronica/Techno" music for example.

I'm not sure if I fully see what you're looking for. But I got some good experiences with the TTS (text to speech) functionality of Wavepad, a good free wav and mp3 editor ( . It you need German or other languages, just download the needed language components ( and use them in Wavepad. You can treat the actual sound file in Wavepad itself (supports DX, VST) or use a free VST vocoder in REAPER such as:
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