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Originally Posted by Jason Brian Merrill View Post
just so you know, BFD also loads kits nearly immediately.

less than 2 seconds -- it loads a few layers first to get the main sound and then it loads the rest in the background as you preview.
you can also preview as you select pieces, something you cant do in DKFHS not sure about EZD --

PS BFD can also mix all the bleed channels together as well now
Very interesting Jas, I might have to give BFD another try after hearing that. I personally wouldn't attempt DFHS unless I was using V-drums and had a dedicated computer..heard too many stories about guys waiting for it to load into RAM and taking forever. Btw EZ takes at least a couple of minutes on mine to load into RAM.

Can you audition loops and then drag them onto the midi track in BFD?
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