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Originally Posted by Mr. Data View Post
From what I know, Reaper does this, but it has no chance if the plugin won't 'listen'. It's like in real life; if you talk to somebody and he's reluctant to listen to you, you can't do anything.
That quote made my day

There are so many gazillion ways of f**ing up communication on the plugin-side. Like deprecated standards, that aren't used anymore. Or that are badly implemented due bugs, lack of knowledge on the programmer's side or just plain human faults.
This is an endless stream of possible variations of problems and there's no way, that the Reaper-Devs would be able to catch them good enough without testing all plugins under all circumstances all the time with every new version of Reaper.
They probably could do it. With thousands of testers, who test all(!) plugins, which costs a lot of money and would make Reaper as expensive as a multibillion-dollar-yacht.
Each license, of course.

It's much faster(and cheaper) to complain and bugreport to the plugin-developer, that they should get their plugin right, because after all, they want it to be used, right...

(Especially, if you've have paid for it...)
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