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Default Auto-Resize Track when selected in TCP

Is there any way "On-Select" to "Auto-Resize" currently selected & focused track to a user-defined height? ...a genuinely handy feature in Sonar X3 when working on big projects.

Why? Multi-track projects can narrow tracks to minimum (as default), then selected track would expand to show all controls, lanes & envelopes for easy & quick editing or inspection without any further user actions.

From Sonar Docs: Auto Track Zoom (toggle). This command enables/disables Auto Zoom, which allows you to automatically enlarge the track that has focus. All other tracks are minimized. When a new track is focused, it swaps heights with the previously focused track.

I don't find any type of "On-Select" or "On-Focus" definable actions for Reaper TCP.

Is anyone interested in scripting such behavior?
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