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Default Lounge now with password ("lounge")

Hi guys,

in an attempt improve everyone's life in and out (e.g. in the "New Posts" list) of the lounge, the lounge is now "password protected".

The password is: lounge.

We think this gives everyone an easy way to opt in and out* of the lounge and unless you entered it deliberately, you don't have to see what's going on in there (e.g. in the "New Posts" search shortcut).

Of course this doesn't change the simple rules and doesn't mean they don't apply in there anymore, but it should also preserve the freedom it's known for while not becoming a burden for the rest of the forum. Thank you for your understanding.

*To hide the lounge threads again after you entered the password, either set your browser to not keep cookies and restart it, or delete the 'cockosbbforumpwd' cookie from the cookie list in your browser.

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