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Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
This is the best idea ever for a off-topic lounge where socio-political / religious discussions happen. Really it is.

Some (like me ) kinda want and even try to stay out but seeing some of the topics just kinda pulls us in to read and then you go (to yourself ) "Argh!" and get invovled in the latest cycle of the thing that's been discussed to death 10,000,000 times already.

What can I say, some of us are too easily tempted.

Having to login a second time to even see anything there makes it a definitive conscious choice, and not an accident, to see the latest ramblings about Isreal's plan to dominate the universe or whatever. Honestly, some of the thread titles are designed to make you curious about the content, so just seeing the thread title is sometimes tempting to read.

Best... idea... ever. So simple, yet... so effective.
But it also means that if you are a person who likes to see "Who is your favourite guitarist?" and "What are you listening to right now?", you have to agree to see things like "Eating baby cows is no different than eating baby humans" bullshit.

How is this the best idea?

I think the idea is sort of okay in a relative way, but how it plays out in practice is donkey balls.
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