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Originally Posted by Lawrence View Post
@Kindafishy: I meant the best idea for that kinda non-music related stuff... if you are going to have a place for that stuff, where people argue and debate everything on the planet and annoy each other about politics and religion and all that.

Jason made a very a good point (imo) about a specific off topic lounge for music related stuff. That one wouldn't have to be hidden from view would it?

I mean, if you're going to actually have a specific "everything goes, discuss / argue whatever you want unrelated to music" place (and some mfg forums don't even really have that), that's the best idea I've seen for that... mmv.

Although people do occasionally go off-topic a little at times everywhere, I can't say I've been to many DAW manufacturer forums where there are multiple (multiple) thread titles about various social or political issues where people are arguing about it.
Yes, sorry, I think we agree.

We need a soap box lounge and a normal lounge.
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