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Originally Posted by Tale View Post

Anyway, if you really need to process a single audio file exactly from beginning to end, then why are you trying to do so in realtime in the first place? Why not simply read the file, process it, and write the output to another file?
Which could easily be achieved with the extension API in Reaper and theoretically with Celemony's ARA in some other hosts. (I've tried doing ARA plugins myself but it's quite difficult.)

Anyway, I suspect mviljamaa's processing is somehow broken if it assumes exact locations of the audio to be played through the processing. (Various oddities and glitches have been present in pretty much every realtime plugin that uses FFT I've myself tried, though. I think it's just the nature of the thing in that case...Extraordinary efforts may be required to get rid of all glitches, and it probably isn't worth it.)
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