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I tried installing this in the normal way, and the difference in CPU usage was only marginal...

Then I completely removed the RME drivers using windows control panel>system>device manager, and re-installed, and also did a factory reset of Reaper.

I'm using AMD dual opteron 250 CPUs, and enabled the options for XP in Reaper (under preferences>general>advance UI/system settings) for not allowing the OS to allocate worker threads to CPUs, and also enabled pre-zero output buffers under preferences>audio>device.

For the Nervous demo project CPU usage dropped from an average of 25% to an average of 5% (which is kind of what I would have hoped for).

Difficult to say which of these things had the biggest impact, so I apologise for not testing them independently, but what I can say is that it works.

Reaper now appears to be bomb proof, and is running rock solid.

2xAMD Opteron 250 CPU
RME Hammerfall DSP PCI
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