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Default Sit back...relax...(you'll be at your destination 3 hours late)

With the above average amount of air travel I've had as part of my job for the last 21 years, the issue with late flight take-offs & cancellations has become the rule instead of the exception.
Between that and the cramped quarters in coach where the meal tray is about the size of a Chiclet, it's satisfying to be able to take out my iPad and listen to the soothing sights & sounds of Kenny Gioia's tutorials through noise cancelling headphones.
I also have a laptop computer but it is often too large to pull out when packed in with the other sardines. The iPad is perfect.
I even occasionally will get noticed by a fellow Reaper user who recognizes it in the videos.
All that aside, thank you Kenny!! The insanity that is airline travel gets tedious and your videos more than make up the lapse in my mental health coverage that isn't covered by Obamacare. I have watched all of the videos enough times that when I sit down at my workstation, most everything I need to do is second nature.

Thanks again!
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