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Darn! Well it sure didn't work for very long.

This morning I opened Reaper and was greeted again with Reapack package install errors.

Having had other minor problems in Reaper I assumed maybe all of it was due to something wrong in my install so I took a fresh portable version of the latest v5.26 and installed Reapack there as well to test but had the same error!

On the fresh install, I couldn't even install the 5 basic packages which I had successfully done yesterday after changing the network setting you mentioned.

Today, no matter what network setting and even disabling completely my Firewall, this error in both installs:
- Reaper v5.26 with Reapack v1.1rc1
- Reaper v5.25 with Reapack v1.1rc2 (because it installed the latest version this that worked in this version but not the fresh install!? Go figure)

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