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I very much agree with this as well. I didn't feel like this song was produced well.
I have to be transparent here. If I were in my twenties, I'd not have produced it a bit better myself, probably far worse. I simply didn't know then. All I knew was some songs sound good, others don't but how to do it, just keep making stuff up sort out of natural and expected ignorance and if one suddenly sounded good, we didn't really know why LOL.

Now, decades later, it all sticks out like a sore thumb. That damn sure doesn't make me a good producer/composer but it does make composing/orchestrating much less of an aimless stab in the dark. That's why I think home recording is great for musicians, it forces you to think that way when you are coming up with parts. Since you played them all, you start noticing when part A is stepping all over part B so you rewrite part A. I used to spend hours trying to say pack 10 guitar tracks in with all of them feeling like they belonged there without stepping on each other and no two playing the same part.
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