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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
I was thinking about this very thing on the way to band practice tonight aka the thing you and I are talking about and the type of spotlighting Lawrence is talking about. I'm gonna have to put them down as both valid and having some overlap.

I deal with something similar in my band and telling bandmates... "you don't have to play every single measure of every single song beginning to end and at the same volume" or "Hey man... You are playing your part in the exact same register I am and mushing up the sound, either counterpoint me or change to another register" and so on. All that really means is allowing the orchestration (for lack of a better term) to do the spotlighting.
Yep. If you listen to ... say... a live funk band, you hear that, where (for example) the rhythm guitar guy knows where the gaps are and will fill them with little phrases that kinda pop out. It's the musical counterpoint thing where musical phrases played dynamically kinda act rythmically, but it kinda gets lost when everything is compressed to death or automated to be too level in the mix.
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