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Originally Posted by endorka View Post
Thanks Dave, yes indeed I can see that it could become very addictive. I've been really wanting to get into surround mixes for some time but put it off as you have to do separate 5.1 and stereo mixes, the risk being that 5.1 mixes become an expensive / addictive / obsessive diversion with a niche audience. When you mentioned the ability to downmix to these from a single ambisonic mix, it changed everything :-)

My plan is to try it on my next piece of music, which is almost finished. My studio monitors are only stereo, but we have a Bose 5.1 home theatre system I could get a rough idea of the mixes from, and there's always the binaural option through headphones for mixing. This seemed quite effective on the ATK tutorial vids. Hopefully doable if I keep the mixes simple at first.

Don't forget to check out the Blue Ripple Sound O3A Core package. It is free and has some very high quality tools to get you started in Ambisonic mixing in third order quality. This is a pretty big step up from first order Ambisonics and well worth delving into.

Originally Posted by heda View Post
Thank you ReaDave
This is very interesting to me since I'm into Ambisonics now again.
Is it ok to replace valhalla reverbs with ReaVerb? I'm trying to do the same template but using ReaVerb and some impulses. I'm trying for example Samplicity M7 Wave impulses. There are others Samplicity M7 Wave Quad files, but I think that is not good for this template, because Reaverbs here should be like 3 stereo reverbs like the Valhallas I suppose.
There's no reason not to experiment with different reverbs. I have actually used ReaVerb in this template myself and it works well.

Originally Posted by plush2 View Post
Here are some excellent tutorials by Trond Lossius using the ATK js plugins for Reaper.

On that subject, ReaDave, have you tried switching FUMA B-format to A-format and back using the ATK converter? You can get an appropriate result with just 2 2-channel reverbs that way.
That is something I haven't thought of. Good idea. I'll have a play around and see how it sounds. One less instance of a given reverb VST is always good CPU wise.
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