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Originally Posted by Flaneurette View Post
Yes, this is the thing right?
Yep. Honestly, I could never have a career selling snake oil.
Originally Posted by cyrano View Post
The world is goin' mad. Or I'm getting old

Just came across a guy who'd like to touch 14.000 for a pair of second hand, mint Accuphase A45 power amps.

i've got some repairs to do. Must be some gold in that pile of old junk :-)
That's a very nice power amp but seven THOUSAND euros each?!!

On a similar note, I saw a Roland System 100 synth for sale on eBay recently for almost AU$19,000 shipped from Japan to Australia. I paid $400 for mine in the early 90s when vintage analog gear was not fetching stupid used prices. I got it in mint condition with the original boxes and manuals from the original owner who had it in his studio but never figured it out.
Don't get me wrong. This is a GREAT synth and one of my favourites but I would NOT pay almost TWENTY GRAND for one!!
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