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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
Open source is one thing. The license is another. Note that GNU GPL v3 is extreme restrictive license... For example you can not use any source with such license together with many other open source licenses ( nor with ANY non open source licenses.

And sure, everything you do you provide for free... If not, why you think everything done by programmers should be "free"?

Also note that combining different interfaces in practice is rarely useful. In such case they should be externally synchronized and aggregation introduce unavoidable latency in case there is any inter-operations between IN/OUTs from different devices. When people do not care about these 2 restrictions and ready to accept software sample rate matching, there is no need for ASIO.

ASIO and VST sources/licenses:
Yeah, your posts are becoming useless and hostile at the same time. Nowhere did I say programmers should work for free. If that's what you read into my actually statements, then it's obvious you have nothing useful to offer since you are unable to read or having a constructive conversation. I requested to see the actual ASIO source code and it's associated license since those are the items associated with "open source" code and you were the one who said they're open source but instead you decided to post a link to the various available open source licenses and the link to the Steinberg SDK site which contains neither. An SDK and Open source are not the same, you should be ashamed to call yourself a software engineer if you think they are. Again you're just showing you have nothing useful to provide since you are unable to distinguish the difference between an SDK and Open Source code. In other words, since communications with actual human beings seems to challenging for you, it's time for you to go piss off and go troll someone else.

Oh...and have a happy new year!

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