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Originally Posted by DevonPete View Post
Here's a real Noob question. I work mainly with midi and need to constantly extend the midi part while I'm working. However I always seem to then create a loop, which is not what I want!

How do I extend a track item's length without applying looping?

I know this has to be dead easy....

Yeah, I struggled with this for days. Eventually I just recorded blank tracks and edited them from there.
As a complete idiot I'm finding Reaper to be increasingly frustrating. For just one simple operation I've spent ages exploring all the menus and sub menus, right-clicking on numerous areas and searching through literally hundreds of options. Sometimes it's just so frustrating that I give up. Yes, OK the forum is very helpful and responsive but some of my questions seem so embarrassingly basic that I feel a new section of the forum is needed for total imbiciles.
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