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Ask him what he means. The sentence is ambiguous and could refer to any number of things.

Originally Posted by danerius View Post
spl0 = min(max(spl0,-1),1);
spl1 = min(max(spl1,-1),1);
Clamps the input between -1 and 1, any higher signal will be clipped to -1 or 1.

Originally Posted by danerius View Post
spl0 = (1+foo)*spl0/(1+foo*abs(spl0));
spl1 = (1+foo)*spl1/(1+foo*abs(spl1));
This interpolates between no distortion to a smooth clipper for positive values of foo. For negative values all hell can break loose.

I don't really see why you would want to clip the signal before the smooth function in this case, since the smooth function already nicely goes into saturation.
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