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Hi Mespotine,

Q 1: AFAIK there isn't something like this.
However, in the first line of the langpack file there is a token '#NAME' in which this could be included. The (latest) langpack file I created starts e.g. with "#NAME:Deutsch (inkl. SWS) [DE] (190523)"

Q 2: No, we don't necessarily need to wait for new langpack files to complete things. there is an online tool that lets us translate single strings by entering the original US-English strings like they are displayed in REAPER itself, which then calculates the 16 digit hex hashcode, we can include in the langpack to translate it.

To make things easier for me, I wrote a rudimentary AutoHotKey script hack that helps me translating more than one string at a time.
I'd long since have shared it, if it wouldn't be too specialized to my system setup.

The online string calculator sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't. It seems to be a matter of a string being released (or allowed) for translation or not. It mostly works for menu entries of menus that already exist or for entries of dialogs that already exist, but in numerous cases it won't work for dropdown menu entries, although these dropdowns also exist already.

Also, in some cases it might be important where you fill in the translation in the langpack file. If the translation doesn't work in the block (e.g. [DLG_520] or so), it might work in the [common] block.

I, myself, often try to find new strings by comparing older REAPER versions resources of dialogs and menus with newer ones.
Same goes for the list of actions.

This, since new langpacks lack, at least is a crutch to keep translation as current as possible.

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