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Originally Posted by pianogineer View Post
Why would I need a dedicated project tab open to keep the script running? From what I can tell, scripts run independently of projects, so if I kick off an endless defer, it seems to continue running even as I switch my (only open) project.
Ah right.
Somehow I thought of a case where you close your playing project first before opening a new one (using project tabs).
If you have your playing project always running this should work yes.

This leads to another question -- how do I actually stop endless defer scripts?? I've read elsewhere that ReaScripts act like toggles, and if you run an endless defer script again it'll stop, but this doesn't seem to work for me.
It should work when you run it again from action list while running , but not from the IDE. Then this should pop up:

If you then click 'Terminate' and 'Remember' you can toggle it on / off from action list or a toolbar button.

Slight pitfall (for me anyway): The script mustn't be edited in the IDE when trying to run it from action list or toolbar button.

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