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Default Seems Steinberg have changed some filenames in their SDK

I am just starting out with iPlug2, so please forgive if I may have done something wrong during my iPlug2 dependency (SDK) setup, or this has been reported before.

First off all I could not find a specific "IPlug 2" Windows setup video tutorial, but only an old one for "IPlug".

Using Visual Studio 2019, I do get a note when opening MyNewPlugin.sln, after making a duplicate of iPlugEffect, which says "Review Solutions Actions. Retarget Projects, The following projects use an earlier version of the Visual C++ platform toolset.......".

Anyways I am able to compile and run MyNewPlugin example as stand-alone fine, but not as VST2 or VST3.

Also it seems Steinberg have changed some filenames in their SDK, as I get a build fail when trying to compile MyNewPlugin into a VST2.

Specifically these two files residing at "C:\Users\NewUser\Documents\Music Production\Development\iPlug2-master\VST_SDK" had their named changed, as they are now named;
audioeffect.h and audioeffectx.h

But it seems iPlug2 expects them instead to be named;
aeffect.h and aeffectx.h

I tried simply to rename the files, but that does not do any difference, as I get the following compiler error;

1>C:\Users\NewUser\Documents\Music Production\Development\iPlug2-master\IPlug\VST2\IPlugVST2.h(20,10): error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'aeffectx.h': No such file or directory

Perhaps my VST SDK folder is not named right?
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