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Hey! Thanks for explaining!

Linux (REAPER) & everything has in a relative short time gone to simply ALSA also, and KDE Plasma a year ago or so, along with Discovery was buggy, on Ubuntu at least, was not that familear with Manjaro then.
Gameing side along with Steam Play/Proton & Co is just so, fffffinally! still not over it that it works, on my stuff at least, not even tried the linVST stuff and all that yet if I need that

Beeing a Windows user 100% until now and just-like-that, *BAM! - going Linux (not only trying/testing/curious) actually decided! as we speak, my main SSD is now cleared formated (celebration is in order!) and Linux is going to live there now and Manjaro KDE will be The One since it works on everything I need, today.. and KDE is atm at 0.78 GiB of mem... and KDE's ways & looks modern, tweakable anyway and KDE's options is great enough for me and personal taste thing along with that I like the KDE widgets and found one I was missing and, I am on a power PC that is used to Windows..

I have now distrohopped like a crazy Tarzan and tried stuff enough so I know what I would miss if I choose this or that and all that, just that the Linux scene is a taaaad different and I need to ask stuff or Google, i'm ready now! let's do this! *clap!*

Thanks again! there are surely more people like me out there that is reading also but maby shy or summit.. I don't have that issue, I ask.
And also thanks for the help Glennbo!

Now listen here Firefox.. don't make me about:config your ass and go layout.css.devPixelsPerPx 1.5 on you... ok, fine! *slap!*
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