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Ah, I see. The download is 187MB (~350MB uncompressed). Wow, that is huge I think. Still will try to see what exactly it does and is it really suitable to orchestral composers (I am not a such).
I use only Addictive Drums. I do not see ant scenario where I would use more than 2-3 drum VST, and the 900 maps - that is really some orchestral percussion happening like EastWest, Kontakt, Vienna Assemblies, etc.

Just installed it. The toolbars on the top are overwhelmingly plentiful!
The Menus organisation is extremely well done! (or maybe because I am from Eastern Europe as well...)
Had to change some paths and dismiss the Default Project template as it's bneen set up to your workflow and with Izone MonitoringFX (I use Sonarworks), also delete the C:\ suggested paths (they do not work for me as I only have Windows OS on my C: drive and nothing else... move most of the folders as Symlinks to sexondary hard-drives)...

Overall, I have to say that you have done amazing job with this Mod of Reaper. Will try it for a month and will donate.
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