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The biggest issue, atm, is iTunes. Users who depend on using their iTunes lib for other programs, like Mixxx, are in for a surprise. iTunes has been replaced by Music. And the xml export of the new app isn't the same.

A second surprise is that there's no easy way back for some. You can't rely on your Time machine backup in some cases.

If your TM bu isn't connected when upgrading, it can't be touched. But if it is, Catalina seems to change it. That results in being unable to downgrade. But even if your TM disk was in the closet at the time of upgrading, it's not certain it can be done. APFS/T2 seems to be the likely culprit.

APFS also has a feature called "snapshots", that should make it easy to go back. Alas, doesn't work to go back from a major upgrade.

It seems wise, atm, not to upgrade to Catalina.

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