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Hey how is it going WELCOME! I have used the SOLO on various setup and find it very versatile and forgiving. I think I mentioned the PULSE/ALSA thing for various mobos and drivers... how they interact with the interfaces or routing.

If you are fairly new - it would be nice to get the ALSA GUI - ALSA MIXER. This way you can check the routing or if you need to UNMUTE something. On a board or two I had to unmute or raise a volume level... and this was the easy fix.

The other thing that was so helpful was to run a LOG (or messages) or a SYSLOG so you can see every small change that might happen. (sometimes I believe you might have to start the program in a terminal to have complete access? - trying to remember) And I remember some mobos with PULSE would jump back in to control the sound engine - so you could test thru disabling pulse too.

Just tell us where you are at - and we all will figure it out quick... take care...jogging my memory...
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