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Originally Posted by joesacco View Post
Does anybody know how to get trackpad-like zooming with a mouse?
Like for instance in Logic when you hold Opt and drag the mouse with the middle click button pressed down.
wow... this post was from 2012 and I'm trying to figure this stuff out in 2019. T'would be nice if the default trackpad/touchscreen multitouch behaviour was consistent both with most other apps and within Reaper itself. I know you can customise and can learn to deal with anything, but if Reaper is 1% of your computer usage having to adapt again after a month away is brain-frying. I would have expected:

* two finger up/down: scroll vertically (in any window)
* two finger left/right: pan horizontally (in any window)
* pinch/spread vertically: zoom vertically (e.g. track heights, midi editor )
* pinch/spread horizontally: zoom horizontally.

I'm not sure if my terminology is correct there, but surely that makes sense? If a window has scroll bars then that's what I'd expect, and even after a session of work I'm still intuitively doing the wrong thing....I just can't help it! -switching to the documentation PDF or a Browser windows then back to Reaper means changing how I scroll windows each time, which surely is enough to drive anyone bonkers.

[I'd like to mention that thanks to "dazzathedrummer" at least I've been able to configure this to be less painful, using "CTRL" as the modifier for zooming and any other trackpad/touchscreen swipe as scrolling H/V; I'm just suggesting what I think might be happier defaults]

PS. Is there any way to assign a horizontal "pinch/expand" trackpad/touchscreen gesture to an action, e.g. for horizontal zooming?

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