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"That‘s why I said above, you need to do it from Windows Explorer and not WinRAR ... I thought it would be obvious, that you need to extract it first"

I have never used Windows Explorer to open anything and never had any problems with WinRAR.

In fact I now see you mean "winzip". It is not setup on my two machines but, after checking, I know see it is ready to be installed. But the computer engineer who set up my computers must have installed WinRAR, so I don't give zipped files a second thought I just click away and WinRar automatically starts up

Sometimes I am told to extract the files and sometimes not. In the case of Melodyne I just unzipped the folder and as there was no mention of extraction, I did not extract. When I opened Essential Melodyne I did not extract anything and it worked fine.

Anyway, thanks once again everyone for your help and encouragement.
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