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Default ReWire Latency Problems

Hello Cockos Team,

I've made the experience to work with Reaper and can only say: just amazing! In many points it's better/more comfortable than Cubase. But there's one problem I have - when I use Reaper with Reason and try to play the Reason Devices with my Oxygen 8, there is a horrible latency of approx. 100 ms. At the right top of Reaper there stands "256spls ~8/8ms ASIO" (M-Audio Firewire Solo Interface with a Notebook with 1,8 Ghz Centrino and 1GB RAM). This problem occurs only during Playback of Reaper and Reason as Slave - when the project is stopped, there's no hearable latency. In Cubase I hadn't this problem, so the soundcard/system performance don't play a role.

Hope, that you can help me and sorry for my bad english.
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