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Originally Posted by Vulkanizer View Post
It sadly does not for me. I also got the problems with downloading fixed, so now I am on Reaper 3.04 and the Drumreaplacer v 1.091 and still no Cigar. Same delay. Really weird.
Weird, works on three systems I've tested it on (two Windows running XP and one Mac OSX 10.5.7, Reaper 3.04 on both).

Does other JS plugs that use PDC work on your system? (Try for example time_adjustment and set a negative delay - does that work? It should make the audio on that track early compared to the other tracks.)

Originally Posted by Vulkanizer View Post
I should also mention that the meter on the left side of the drumreaplacer seems to react on time. However as soon as the signal passes through the plug the signal gets delayed the notorious 9285 samples . This goes for the dry as well as wet signal.
Definetly a PDC issue then (assumin that the dry signal and the replaced is on time with each other, just not with other tracks)... Could you try the time_adjustment test I described above and post back?

- Jonas

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